The power of people in life and startups.

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As we grow up, we meet different people who later become our friends, family, and partners. All these people are completely unique and we treat them in different ways: with some of them we start a new venture, with others we start a family, and with others we just relax and chill together. However, each person influences our lives in one way or another, and each brings something new and fresh to our minds.

For example, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met each other in 1971 which led to the greatest technological success and breakthrough in world history. They were different and similar at the same time which was actually the key driving force of their long-term friendship and success as founders of Apple Inc. Wozniak’s wit and genius with exceptional marketing and entrepreneurial abilities of Jobs made them so powerful and awesome that now Apple Inc. is the first public company to reach a 3 trillion dollar market cap. But what if each of them would create their own company alone?

Thus, people are catalysts for success not only in life but also in things like starting your own startup. People (good people) have an infinite power in themselves that can be helpful for others because we all have different interests, passions, and most importantly — minds. In life, we consult with our friends and relatives because we trust them, and also, we know that they can provide us with good and workable advice.

People are also important in the world of startups and venture capitalists (VCs). One of the first steps in starting a new business is building a team. The founder cannot have all the skills at the same time, so at some point, he will have to find someone to create the product. New blood has fresh ideas and usually an immeasurable motivation to work and to create!

But it’s not just about teams, it’s also about a network. As you meet with the people at conferences, in the workplace, or just through LinkedIn, you build and enhance your network (An example of networking is exchanging contact information with people who have interests in similar areas). So later on, these people can become your next partners with which you would build the next unicorn. People are not only those with whom you work and build products, but also, those who can become your next advisors, motivators, and masterminds — and this is the key.

It’s also important when it comes to investment — about 95% of VCs think that founders are one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to pursue a deal (according to Harvard Business Review) So, and here as well people are the key.

It turns out that people are exactly that element of our life that helps us to live, enjoy, and create something new. People can be good and bad, but they all make us better to some extent. The same thing in startups — the greatest success can be achieved only with other and right people.

What matters is the people.

Written by Amir Khamidullin in Ufa, Russia




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